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The distinction between qualitative, quantitative filter paper      The filter is a good filtration performance of paper, paper loose, have strong absorption properties of liquid. Analysis of common laboratory filter as the filter medium, so that the separation of solution and solid. At present ou... 2014-12-19(点击:10887)
The kind of filter paper      Filter paper can generally be divided into two kinds of qualitative and quantitative. Application in analytical chemistry, inorganic compounds when filtered separated by sediment, collect the residue on the filter paper, can be us... 2014-12-19(点击:10838)
Filter paper      Most of the filter paper by cotton fiber composition, according to the different purposes and the use of different methods of making. Because the material is fiber manufactured goods, so its surface has numerous small holes for li... 2014-12-19(点击:10424)
The easy and environment friendly packing is getting more popular      Recently, sustainable consumption research project of China Consumer Association, Department of economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and L'Oreal China jointly carry out results -- "China Sustainable Consumption Resea... 2014-12-19(点击:9791)
Chinese paper to accelerate a new round of industry reshuffle     By the National Federation of industry and Commerce Industry Chamber of Commerce and China light industry information center jointly compiled the "2012 Chinese paper development and trend of the research on" was released in 20... 2014-12-19(点击:9781)
China's papermaking industry long-term improvement tendency appearance      By the all China Federation of industry and Commerce and Industry Chamber of Commerce and China light industry information center jointly completed "2012 Chinese industry development and the trend in 2013 Research Report"... 2014-12-19(点击:9383)